Xiaomi Redmi 2

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Specifications and info
Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro / Xiaomi Redmi 2
Also known as 
Hongmi 2 Prime
Release date 
August, 2015
64bit - Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 (28nm)
CPU processor 
1.2Ghz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53
RAM memory 

First method
1. Remember that phone Xiaomi Redmi 2 should be at least 50% charged.
2. Turn on WiFi and connect your Xiaomi Redmi 2 to your network.
3. Now connect the phone to the computer by using the usb cable. In drop down menu select USB icon and choose TRANSFER FILES (MTP).
4. Now all drivers will be installed and you will see phone in My Computer.
5. Copy downloaded firmware to internal memory on the phone.
6. In the settings Xiaomi Redmi 2 go to:
-> About phone
-> System update
-> Tap the Show More button in the upper right corner
-> Select Choose update package
If phone ask for access to phone memory just allow it.
7. Select copied firmware that you do before and press OK button.
8. The update process will start in a few seconds. Firstly Xiaomi Redmi 2 will check if the firmware is compatible with our device. After that phone will start upgrading.
9. Just wait until the process will be completed.
That's all!
This method is the safest available method.

Fastboot method
1. Download fastboot firmware which one you want to flash. Put it on the C:\ drive in a folder without spaces C:\ROM\MIUI
2. Download flashing tool MiPhone.zip.
3. Once installation is complete, run MiFlash application.
4. Select firmware folder from the location where it is saved.
5. Turn off the phone, press and hold the Volume Down Key and the Power Button at the same time to enter Fastboot Mode, then connect the phone to a computer.
6. Press refresh button to see you device in flashing tool.
7. After pressing refresh button you will see connected device.
8. Here you have 3 options to select.

Choose the options carefully as per your need:

Flash_all: Clears all the data of the built-in storage, clear all user data, please be careful! (Clean Install)
Flash_all_except_storaget: Will erase all user data does not clear the built-in storage data.
Flash_all_except_data_storage: Does not clear the built-in storage data and does not clear user data.

Note: It is advised to take all personal data backup on PC/Laptop.

9. Click on Flash and it will start process.
10. Once flashing process completes the device will automatically reboot. Reboot might take upto 5 minutes.

any part of file name
OS Info Model File name Size Download Count MD5 hash
Android 5.1 MIUI V9.2.3.0 Redmi 2 Pro miui_HM2XTD_pro_V9.2.3.0.zip 575.84 MB Download 23 9a555fbb8b4162f5fb7f13b12d424c45
Android 4.4 MIUI V9.2.3.0 Redmi 2 miui_HM2XTD_V9.2.3.0.zip 471.98 MB Download 18 d07b4c0f365b539d41104cd1c6b83bae
Android 5.1 Fastboot MIUI V7.11.16 Redmi 2 Pro wt86047_pro_images_7.11.16.tgz 966.19 MB Download 37 8124ae88ef1b9d42cfdeaf2585e946fd
Android 5.1 Fastboot MIUI V9.2.3.0 Redmi 2 Pro wt86047_pro_images_V9.2.3.0.tgz 947.32 MB Download 26 e803177f277dd3f057bbddea7a37c72c
Android 4.4 Fastboot MIUI V7.11.16 Redmi 2 wt86047_images_7.11.16.tgz 898.7 MB Download 35 6b6319b7569224a7e213531b91fefe83
Android 4.4 Fastboot MIUI V9.2.3.0 Redmi 2 wt86047_images_V9.2.3.0.tgz 877.78 MB Download 19 36f9ec3c3381e86635d210439b13dc87
Flashing phone in Fastboot Mode MiPhone.zip 25.96 MB Download 25 e24064dad7d7058706ec8cc081b6f253