An update to the PlayStation 4 system

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Specifications and info
PlayStation 4
Release date 
end of 2013
GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon
CPU processor 
x86-64 AMD Jaguar, 8 cores
RAM memory 

Step 1. USB storage device, such as a USB flash drive. There must be approximately 460 MB of free space.
Step 2. On the USB storage device, create folders for saving the update file. Using a computer, create a folder named "PS4". Inside that folder, create another folder named "UPDATE".
Step 3. Download the update file, and save it in the "UPDATE" folder you created in step 2. Save the file with the file name "PS4UPDATE.PUP".
Step 4. Access to and use of the PS4 system software update are subject to your acceptance. Connect the USB storage device to your PS4 system, and then from the function screen, select (Settings) > [System Software Update].
Step 5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
Step 6. If your PS4 system does not recognize the update file, check that the folder names and file name are correct. Enter the folder names and file name characters using uppercase letters.

Do not downgrade.

any part of file name
File name Size Download Count MD5 hash 297.54 MB Download 47 816a7be9cdb7ab732cd40fffc7da2cb0 297.65 MB Download 40 6f552a05de5fc2e281c510ba73face50 324.8 MB Download 32 4aecaf83a6b2f57b0b81931c99868b6f 357.37 MB Download 31 1023078b2a44398e0a92496cfde428bf 426.46 MB Download 38 d09714c3bb48ee29299e4245256c0d20