Apple iPhone 6S

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Specifications and info
iPhone 6S
Also known as 
iPhone 6s A1633, iPhone 6s A1688 CDMA
Release date 
September, 2015
64bit - Apple A9 APL0898
CPU processor 
1.84Ghz Dual-Core Twister
RAM memory 

The Apple iPhone 6S has 4 models and variants. Generally the variants are the same device models with some different features and specifications.

3uTools Supports Downgrade iPhone 6s to iOS 10.3.3 from iOS 11

Please customize back up the important data like contacts and photos of your iDevice. You are not suggested to downgrade with data. You could customized restore your backing up data to your iDevice after downgrade.

Step 1. Launch the latest version of 3uTools, and connect your iPhone 6s to your PC. Click Flash & JB -> Easy Flash, 3uTools will automatically match the firmware after you connect.

Step 2. Click firmware iOS 10.3.3 and “Flash”. If you have downloaded the firmware before, just click “Import” -> “Flash”.

Step 3. Keep a good connection between your iDevice and your PC and wait patiently till the process finishes. Your iDevice will reboot if it is successful.

How to Upgrade iDevice Via 3uTools Pro Flash

Step1. Launch 3uTools, connect your iDevice to PC using the USB cable. Make sure iDevice is in DFU mode.

Step2. Keep your iDevice in DFU mode. Click Flash & JB -> Pro Flash -> Import Firmware. Now you need to import the particular firmware you have download previously.

Step3. After it is imported, click Flash. 3uTools will send you reminder that currently the firmware version you selected doesn’t support” Reserve baseband while flashing”. Do you want to continue this operation? Click Yes.

Step4. Wait patiently till the flash process is finished, and your iDevice will restart automatically after flash.

any part of file name
OS File name Size Signed Download Count MD5 hash
IOS 10.0.1 iPhone_4.7_10.0.1_14A403_Restore.ipsw 2.3 GB Download 922 e7bff9460b2080540ad33d19b61bdd2f
IOS 10.3.3 iPhone_4.7_10.3.3_14G60_Restore.ipsw 2.44 GB Download 439 a3797cb1ee920204a97855b7657441ca
IOS 11.0 iPhone_4.7_11.0_15A372_Restore.ipsw 2.47 GB Download 329 ca59a7f63377d058493e2a7fa8ca3425
IOS 11.2.5 iPhone_4.7_11.2.5_15D60_Restore.ipsw 2.48 GB Download 289 3bd79d43ecd7575ef6e9a6c1ea9d3db2
IOS 11.4.1 iPhone_4.7_11.4.1_15G77_Restore.ipsw 2.59 GB Yes Download 572 8c6528a7b18c1f7f07008fd981145b37
IOS 12.0 iPhone_4.7_12.0_16A5327f_Restore.ipsw 2.82 GB Yes Download 1,111 763aebafdc0e62d203ab5afaea6ea931 67.84 MB Download 547 1f69be75a4bc3e4f4a421aeb7c4222e9