Huawei P10 L29

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Specifications and info
Huawei P10 Dual L29
Also known as 
Huawei P10 VTR-L29 Dual-Sim, Huawei VTR-L29
Release date 
March, 2017
64bit - HiSilicon Kirin 960 (16nm)
CPU processor 
Octa-Core, 2 processors:
2.4Ghz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A73
1.8Ghz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53
RAM memory 

- First of all, Download the Update Package.
- Recommended: Format the Micro SD card (This operation is optional).
- Now Unzip the zip package Huawei P10-L29 - *.0-**.
- Copy the entire dload folder (with UPDATE.APP in it) to the root directory of the Micro SD card.
- After Copying the Update.the app, Turn off your phone.
- Make sure your handset is power off.
- Now Press the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN key, and then press the POWER key to power on the phone and enter the Software Upgrade Mode.
--- OR without turning off your phone. Open the dialer and call ->enter: *#*#2846579#*#* ->ProjectMenu->Software Upgrade->SDCard Upgrade->OK and select the that you moved to SD Card.

Huawei P10

- When the progress bar stop, the phone will restart automatically.
- To Update the Data File Huawei P10-L29 - *.0_hw_**, you can follow the Normal Upgrade.

Legend for the file names:
eu - European Union
jp - Japan
asia - Asia
8.0 - Android Oreo
7.0 - Android Nougat
hw - Data File
any part of file name
File name Size Download MD5 hash
Huawei P10-L29 - 2.02 GB Download 9bab2d60e3028fff4de506f9178fc73e
Huawei P10-L29 - 832.45 MB Download 07e9f8cd0ed2cd6d0e3e5df90f83ba48
Huawei P10-L29 - 2.02 GB Download f73ac5a4092b5effb5e12a2e3b421b67
Huawei P10-L29 - 2.02 GB Download e46df28e2e4e81699b50b20929f1f8b4
Huawei P10-L29 - 602.78 MB Download 5779420710c6d23cde34fc5b51250d59
Huawei P10-L29 - 2 GB Download f65f0080674afe6ca2940912ee24a81b
Huawei P10-L29 - 1.94 GB Download c7f89273f2dfd023d19a5c4a02a61df9
Huawei P10-L29 - 596.76 MB Download a59a28a897f7003fd81bb371be8f20b6
Huawei P10-L29 - 760.33 MB Download f415062e1e967af4c4589d1788be04ba
Huawei P10-L29 - 1.96 GB Download c012881ebd51cc61781a6647ba90fa74