Displayport 20 pin problem

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DP_PWR Pin (not a firmware problem, until it can be solved by this way).
Pin 20 on the DisplayPort connector, 3.3 V (±10%) DC power at up to 500 mA. This power is available from all DisplayPort receptacles, on both source and display devices. It is intended to provide power for adapters, amplified cables, and similar devices.

Standard DisplayPort cable connections do not use the DP_PWR pin, but until the year 2019 there were no cables without 20th pin. Connecting the DP_PWR pins of two devices directly together through a cable can create a short circuit which can potentially damage devices. For this reason, the DisplayPort 1.1 and later standards specify that passive DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cables must leave pin 20 unconnected.
That was from the WIKI. Following the Internet threads it sounds -_-_->>>
I have bout an $500 monitor and the DP cable comes with it. 20 pin problem affects even turned off PC so my SSD collapsed. I was unable to find any cable with 20 pin cutted out. At the moment some vendors saying something like this:
Cable specification: Displayport 20pin male-male. The Pin 20 is not carriers the power. Supports one lane, one direction, four-line connections.

P.S. My thought it should be dual connectivity to keep HZ rate in a right stage. That way question is steel open..
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