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chevy bolt
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October 2016

Here are the steps (you’ll need an empty 512MB or bigger USB stick formatted to Fat32 (or FAT16):
1. Find the firmware.
2. Extract the Zip file. You’ll get a file and a folder. Copy that file and folder (About 350MB) to the USB Stick TOP level (not nested).
3. Go into your Bolt. Turn it on (this is different from the instructions on the YouTube). Navigate to Settings and then all the way down at the bottom Software Information and then Software Update. You might get a warning that you aren’t connected for OTA updates (you don’t need it for this update). OTA doesn’t yet work for the Chevy Bolt, but OTA apparently does after this update.
4. NOW Plug in your USB Stick to EITHER of the USB ports.
5. You may be starting from a different current software version.
6. Click update: You will get the 12+ Minute progress meter – may be longer or at least it felt that way. During the process, things like the heater and lights may go on and off. DO NOT TURN OFF THE CAR OR SWITCH IT OUT OF PARK.
7. Once the update completes, the center console screen will reboot (twice).
8. Go back to Settings/System Information/Software Updates to confirm you are on the new version.
9. You are done!

Warning: it looks like media center and climate control up, but there is no goranty. Be careful.
Original text Update your Chevy Bolt firmware via USB so Android Auto and Google Assistant work beautifully

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