Asus MeMO Pad FHD 10

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Specifications and info
Also known as 
Memo Pad FHD10
Release date 
August, 2013
Intel Atom Z2560
CPU processor 
Dual-core 1.6 GHz
RAM memory 
To upgrade the Asus MeMO Pad FHD 10 you can use several methods mentioned here.

Flash Asus firmware by using Asus Flash Tool.
Step.1 First you need to download Asus stock firmware. After downloading the zip file we will have to extract it.
Step.2 Now download Asus Flash Tool to your PC, install it.
Step.3 You have to install Asus USB driver for Windows PC.
Step.4 Open installed Asus Flash Tool.
Step.5 Getting wipe data "Yes or No" option.
Step.6 Once select model number than select your device firmware zip file, which you have downloaded.
Step.7 Turn off your device and wait 5 to 10 sec. When your device completely switching off connect it via USB cable.
Step.7 Than click together "Volume +" button and "Power" button, it's gonna take the Tab into "Fastboot" or "Download" mode.
Step.8 Serial number should show up.
Step.9 Click on the start button. As soon as you click on the start button, your Tab flashing get started.
Step.9 Compete seems to be a 6-10 minutes. Wait until the progress bar inside turns fully green, which means the firmware has been successfully installed.
Step.10 Then your device should automatically boot.

Another way.
If you want to install an Asus update using recovery – download the firmware, reboot your phone or tablet into "Recovery mode" by "Volume +" button and "Power" button and click “Install update from SD card”.
any part of file name
Info File name Size Download Count MD5 hash
USA 604.91 MB Download 12 ce776ea5cbd6bf9959f554d2b83cec2c
Europe 593.78 MB Download 18 a0a2d3b2c38a59cb525c5d017a5e04e3
Japan 598.44 MB Download 6 04c9a009d86ae27191207d74d05c3fbd
Europe 593.78 MB Download 7 30e5f530190d9b4eb8d8601dfe80ad0b
Europe 593.94 MB Download 18 407f2d27354e7ad23cfe581b4a6cabe9
Europe 763.69 MB Download 17 a9d7105eafa153339328159c26ffeeb6 5.75 MB Download 30 8a8546f840cfddacd1c1351f0d21d5f0
Could include Intel Atom Z2560 ASUS Android USB drivers for Windows 8.29 MB Download 16 36350b3d97b2cdc17043191245cc55dd
Latest USB driver for Windows 8.28 MB Download 9 e88e9296421e8c1ff37bef3972dd30d5