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Tablet name Description
Teyes SPRO / CC2 How to
1. Download the firmware.
2. Extract to a flash driver at list 4 GB.
3. All files should be as it's in the archive.
4. Start car engine or turn on the ignition.
5. Put the stick into USB.
An update to the PlayStation 4 system

Step 1. USB storage device, such as a USB flash drive. There must be approximately 460 MB of free space.

Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R

Use your camera and lens with the latest firmware version. If you don't use them with the latest firmware version, you may not enjoy their full performance.

How to up the firmware on the lens:

Chevy Bolt firmwares

Here are the steps (you’ll need an empty 512MB or bigger USB stick formatted to Fat32 (or FAT16):
1. Find the firmware.